JustUme™, more than just a plum!

Taking fruit such as plums will help cleanse our digestive tract. JustUme™ uses Japanese Umeboshi Plums, fortified with 2 strains of probiotic and a special blend of plant extracts to get rid of digestion problems. So take JustUme™ today and feel cleaner, clearer and healthier.

  • Restore the body’s pH balance
  • Cleanse the digestive tract safely and naturally
  • Reduce bloating, gas and flatulence
  • Improve bad breath and body odor
  • Promote weight loss and improve complexion with long term consumption
  • Promote bowel motion in 1 day*
  • Japanese Umeboshi plum (Prunus Mume)
  • Probiotic Complex (L. Acidophilus, B. Longum)
  • Mulberry Leaf (Morus alba) powder
  • Pu-erh Tea powder, Lotus Leaf powder
  • Liquorice powder, Cassia Tora Powder, Sugar

What could you expect after taking JustUmeTM Fiber Plum?
After removing toxins in your body, you will feel:
• Healthy bowel movements, no more constipation!
• Improve skin’s health
• Better sleep quality
• Better concentration level
• Weight loss

Interesting Facts
  • Promote healthy hair & hair growth Minerals play a vital role in providing nourishment to the hair and scalp
  • Balance blood sugar level decrease the rate at which food leaves the stomach & by slowing the absorption of glucose
  • Maintain cholesterol balance Rich in anti-oxidants that help prevent cholesterol from oxidizing & any build up in the arteries
  • Lower blood pressure level Potassium helps in lowering blood pressure
  • Improves cardiovascular health
    • Plums have anti-inflammatory effects on the different
      bodily cells, helps reduce inflammation and protect cells
      that line blood vessels, including both veins and arteries